“GUMMY BEAR” Breast Implants

Gummy Bear Silicone Gel Breast Implants by San Diego Woman Doctor


Dr. Diana Breister Ghosh offers the latest gel breast implant, known as the "Gummy Bear" implant. Composed on a high-strength silicone gel, the "Gummy Bear" nickname is derived from the gummy bear candy because when cut, the semi-solid implant gel adheres similarly to the candy.

These implants differ from traditional implants in that the "Gummy Bear" gel is more dense and cohesive. Due to this semi-solid form, the gel implants are able to retain their shape and provide a more natural feel and appearance. The new thicker and smoother gel is less likely to cause the rippling effect more commonly experienced with saline implants. Clinical studies of the gummy bear implant show a reduced risk or capsular contracture (development of scar tissue around the implant resulting in hardening). In addition, studies have also shown a reduced risk of implant leakage.

Allergan Natrelle™ 410 Silicone Breast Implants

Allergan provides the new style 410 implants which are the most advanced generation of silicone breast implants that are available today. The silicone in this type of implant is stable in form, does not flow, and maintains its shape. The Allergan Natrelle™ 410 Silicone Breast Implant comes in 12 different models with differing heights, widths and projections. All implants come with an anatomical shape to match natural body characteristics.


These gummy bear implants provide excellent options for patients who may need:

  • Augmentation revision or mastopexy/augmentation
  • Augmentation revision for leaking or deflated implants
  • Augmentation revision for capsular contracture
  • Breast reconstruction

If you are interested in "Gummy Bear" breast augmentation or have questions about the implants or implant procedure, please contact or call for an appointment, (619) 822-1667, with Dr. Breister Ghosh today and she will be happy to discuss all types of breast augmentation with you.

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