When working with a San Diego cosmetic surgeon they can trust, there are many reasons why men and women alike elect facial treatments with injections of soft tissue fillers.

If you've had any of the thoughts noted below, then you may be a good candidate for a consultation with our caring San Diego plastic surgeon:

  • I'm tired of looking at the lines on my face; I want to look younger.
  • I've got a special event coming up and wish there was a way to erase the lines on my face for it.
  • I don't want to get a Face Lift, but I do want to get rid of the lines on my face.
  • I know surgery is not for me, but I'd definitely be interested in a procedure that could help diminish or eliminate the lines on my face.
  • I feel like I need to add volume around my mouth.

If issues like this have crossed your mind, soft tissue fillers may be your ideal solution. The FDA has approved these injectable treatments, which are in-office procedures performed by Dr. Breister Ghosh.

Restylane® has been used since 1996 as filler material to soften and/or eliminate deeper lines on the face by providing volume and fullness.* Results are seen immediately. The treatment is not permanent, but typically lasts about six to eight months.

JuvedermTM, from the creators of BOTOX, comes the newer product being marketed as a "next-generation" dermal filler. It restores volume and smoothes away fine lines, such as vertical lip lines, and can smooth wrinkles and folds around your mouth and nose.* Much like BOTOX, these results also occur immediately, and Juvederm treatments typically last up to a year.

Bellafill® is a dual-acting wrinkle filler and is the first and only FDA-approved product for the smoothing of 'smile' lines.*

Sculptra® is designed to help correct the signs of aging that can easily be seen in the facial area.

Schedule a free wrinkle-treatment consultation today to see how dermal fillers Restylane®, Juvederm™, Bellafill®, or Sculptra® can provide you with a fresher-looking face.

By: Dr. Diana Breister Ghosh

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