It is a myth that liposuction can be used in place of the hard work of eating less, working out and losing weight. Lipo does not work as an effective weight-loss technique. Liposuction is most effective at the end of a weight loss journey for removing site specific fat deposits. In particular, for removing discrete areas or pockets of fat that have not responded to a healthy standard means of weight loss.However, a recent study has indicated that a tummy tuck at the end of a weight loss journey may lead to significant and lasting weight loss for many patients, as reported in a recent study published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® Journal, Feb. 2013.

The study, performed by Dr. Rex Edward Moulton-Barrett of Alameda Hospital and colleagues, noted that the increased long-term weight loss could be related to a greater felling of satiety after eating. The researchers discussed possible "neuroendocrine mechanisms" that may promote weight loss after abdominoplasty or a Tummy Tuck. This was due to the fact that increased satiety is credited as a significant contributor to long-term weight loss, and three-fourths of the study's women who underwent abdominoplasty reported increased feelings of satiety.

The removal of fat cells from the abdomen is postulated to lead to reduced levels of hormones secreted by fatty tissues. These hormones are suggested to affect the appetite, which is a possibility however, further studies are needed to confirm the fat-cell-hormonal-reduction hypothesis.

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More reasons to stop smoking before any type of surgery. Smokers have higher overall complication rates and smoking interferes with oxygen's getting to the blood.

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