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Breast Implant Revision

General Procedure Information

There are many reasons why a patient may want a breast revision after augmentation. The shape or size of the implants may not have given them the look they envisioned. Maybe the placement of the implants doesn’t feel or look right.

Also, many women have breast implants that were placed decades ago. It is very common for women to seek a breast implant revision at some point in their lifetime after having a breast augmentation. The longer the implants stay in the body, the more likely it is that a complication will arise. These complications can include: capsular contracture, rupture or deflation, pain, and possible distortion of the breast.

About the Surgery

The Procedure Each patient has different needs and goals when seeking a secondary breast implant surgery, so the procedure is custom tailored by Dr. Breister Ghosh. In general though, this surgery can include an implant removal with or without an implant replacement. In most cases, a capsulectomy is also performed. This involves removing the scar tissue that surrounds the old implant. Women who have breast ptosis (sagging breast tissue) may also opt to have a mastopexy during their revision surgery. A mastopexy involves removing excess skin of the breast to tighten and lift the breast tissue. These procedures can be done at the same time safely, however, the amount of breast lifting will be conservative to preserve the vascularity of the nipple-areola complex.

After the implants are placed in the appropriate position, Dr. Breister Ghosh checks the breasts for symmetry before closing the incisions. Once she is satisfied with the results, incisions are meticulously closed in layers.

Some women who have had their implants placed in the subglandular position (on top of the muscle) may choose to have their implants placed under the muscle. By placing the implants under the muscle, there will be a lower incidence of capsular contracture and a more natural look as there would be more soft tissue covering the implant.

Procedure Length Approximately 2-3 hours, but varies from patient to patient.

Surgery Location Accredited, outpatient surgical facility with the support of a board-certified anesthesiologist.

Recovery Drains are usually placed after surgery to collect and drain any fluid that may try to accumulate. A compression bra is placed to help hold the breasts in the proper position and keep swelling to a minimum. The bra will need to be worn continuously for approximately 3-4 weeks. The patient will need to refrain from exercise for approximately 4 weeks, and total healing time varies from patient to patient depending the procedures that were performed. Patients should talk with Dr. Breister Ghosh about the physical demands of their job to determine how long they should plan to be off work.

Duration of Results Capsular contracture can reoccur if a patient chooses to have implants replaced.

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