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Earlobe Repair

General Procedure Information

Gauging is a popular trend that involves stretching earlobe holes. If an earlobe has been only slightly stretched, it may be able to slowly return to its normal size on its own. For earlobes that have larger, permanent holes, reconstruction surgery is needed.

Earlobe repair is also beneficial for patients who have stretched earlobes from heavy earrings or if an earlobe has been accidentally torn.

About the Surgery

The Procedure The earlobe is first numbed with a local anesthetic. A small amount of skin is removed from the edges of the stretched or torn portion of the earlobe. The remaining skin is reshaped and sutured together to form a round, natural-looking earlobe.

Procedure Length Approximately 1 hour with local anesthesia for both earlobes.

Surgery Location DBG Plastic Surgery Office Procedure Room.

Recovery Patients can go home immediately after the procedure. A follow up appointment is required 10-14 days after the procedure for suture removal.

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