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Minor Procedures

General Procedure Information

When it comes to having any procedure involving an incision, many patients prefer having the procedure done by a plastic surgeon. This is especially true if the area being treated involves a visibly exposed area such as the face. While it is impossible to avoid a scar when an incision is involve, by seeking the help of a board certified plastic surgeon, patients can rest assured they are receiving care from a physician with the highest level of expertise in reducing the appearance of scarring.

Procedures such as removal of a mole or small lesion or a small scar revision can often be done in the office with only local anesthesia. With years of experience and extensive training, Dr. Breister Ghosh is skilled at performing minor procedures so that any scarring is kept to a minimum.

Minor Procedures Offered

  • Mole Removal
  • Lipoma Removal
  • Sebaceous Cyst Removal
  • Accessory (Supernumerary) Nipple Removal
  • Minor Scar Revision

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